Palace Del Mar banquet hall

Palace Del Mar banquet hall is an amazing place for your celebrations! The cozy park area is hidden from the public. The restaurant includes 5 locations:

  •  – Banquet hall up to 70 guests with an amazing stained glass ceiling. Separate terrace for meeting guests or for a welcome drink.
  • – Mediterranean-style restaurant up to 40 guests.
  •  – Fountain Garden – a picturesque green area with a working fountain and ancient columns up to 50 guests.
  •  – Pool area with a separate bar and magical lighting in the evening
  • – The area in the park is ideal for wedding ceremonies and outdoor events

Book a date for your event:
+380 (63) 992 14 56

 Palace Del Mar is a renovated architectural monument, which, combined with the magnificent interior, creates a unique effect – stained-glass windows, chandeliers, handmade furniture, and a park with more than 200 plant varieties. The restaurant’s cuisine is Mediterranean. An experienced team of chefs can create any exquisite menu. Guests can use the hotel’s services at their request. The hotel has 35 rooms of different categories. Most rooms have outdoor terraces with breathtaking views.

Accommodation conditions are additionally discussed when ordering a celebration.

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